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Who and Why

In April 2016, I jotted down some notes on who I am and why I do what I do – not knowing the words would have the impact on me they do today.

Today, I look at them after a challenging day or a time when I find myself getting overly negative. One reason stuff like this works for me is because of my personality. I took a Myers Briggs test in Organizational Behavior last winter and learned I am an INFJ, which I just learned more about. Below is a quick summary of this personality type:

  • Seeks meaning and connection in ideas and relationships
  • Insightful about others
  • Conscientious and committed to values
  • Organized and decisive in implementing their vision

The points above speak to why recalling why I do what I do can lift me up. Below is what I jotted down almost two years ago.


  1. Be comfortable being me.
  2. Live in the moment when doing all things and don’t be passive.
  3. Be nice and enjoy family & friends’ company.
  4. Consistency, focus, and perseverance.


  1. Communicating and connecting with individuals while representing a brand.
  2. Multi-disciplinary natural (technical, creative, and analytical).
  3. Insights into consumer behavior that are a result of SEO.
  4. Love to learn.


  1. Generalist natural. You have to be great at a range of things and not become an expert in one.
  2. I wanna move really well.
  3. I started training for hockey at age 14. Today, I realize that I loved training more than hockey through the years.

This excercise might not work for everyone; however, deeper insight into your personality type can help you understand what might motivate you in challenging times where negativity is often the default.