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Weekly Video: Virtuosity with Chuck Carswell

In April 2014, I completed a CrossFit L1 Seminar at CrossFit KOP in Bridgeport, PA.

Chuck Carswell was the Flowmaster for the weekend. He added a ton of value and carried a nice weekend for what I think was about 50-60 attendees.

Chuck talks about how CrossFit defines virtuosity in the video below:
Doing the common, uncommonly well. 

This is something that got me thinking and not as it relates to CrossFit.

I found the definition super interesting. I started thinking about the other areas of my life where I could practice virtuosity:
  • Work
  • Religion
  • Cooking
  • Relationships
It is easy to desire and execute the shiny new way of doing something. Honing in the basics takes discipline and patience.