Marketing, MBA

Types of Marketing Problems

The very first class of Marketing Management, the professor emphasized every business case we read boils down to some basic marketing problems:

  1. Market Opportunity
  2. Market Threat
  3. Performance Gap

Marketing problems
My mind started going to some of the marketing problems I have been a part of in my career. Sure enough, they could be lumped into these three problems. Regonizing that energized me a bit. I immerse myself so deep in problems as they I sometimes forget I am going after an opportunity, threat, or perfrmencace gap. I see solving any of these problems as exciting and a privilege for that matter.

I also liked this point because it turns marketing into a sports game for me. Prepping for any game or season, you have opportunities, you have threats, and you have some gaps you either fill in our live without. When I tie marketing to sports, I get a little more excited about what I am doing.

Which marketing problem are you solving and what excites you about those problems?