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The Mentor Leader 

Last week, I finished @TonyDungy’s book, The Mentor Leader. I am a Coach Dungy fan mainly for his character, and I like the topic. When the principle at the school I volunteer at brought this book up, I decided to order it right away. 

I do believe there are other leadership styles out there that work in certain situations, but I enjoyed Mentor Leader, because I strive to be that type of leader and enjoy leaders who lead that way. One of my favorite lines from the book actually came from Coach Dungy’s father who was a teacher in the 50s and 60s at Jackson Community College. 

“A good teacher helps every student earn an A.”  Wilbur Dungy

The quote serves as a solid summary of the entire book. As a leader, work closely with the people on your team, put them first before anyone or anything including yourself, and guide them to where they need to go.  

I liked the quote so much I sent it to @gigcfo. He put some responsibility back on the person getting led in return. 

Mentor leadership is even more effective when the other side engages the leader with feedback, ideas, & appreciation. 
If there are other leadership styles you enjoy, drop them in the comments. 

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