The Hard Hat

I saw @explorionary’s tweet about the Philadelphia Flyers Rick Flair robe. They give out the jacket to one person after every game. I do not know exactly what they do, but I bet they have the winner from the game before give out the robe at the end of the next game. It might also be the captains who choose every game. Also, the jersey only gets passed after a win, not a loss.

I instantly remembered that we did the same thing with a hard hat.

I love this tribalesque excercise within teams which is one reason why I responded to @explorionary’s tweet and am writing about it. When I saw the tweet, I was also reminded about the atmosphere of a sports locker room after a win, which is a pretty special place.

Music is bumping, some might be dancing, and there is likely few circles of people smiling as they re-hash the sweet moments from the win. It’s a lot of positive energy.

The hard hat or robe elevates the atmosphere even further. The decision becomes a ritual with cheering and congratulating.

It also builds character and leadership. Character because the reward is earned by one person (out of around twenty) each game. Leadership because every game the new winner is picked by the prior winner. This means people are given the responsibility of making what often becomes a sacred decision.