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The Fundamentals of SEO

I admit. My posts to date have been more about career lessons than marketing. While I am fascinated with what we can learn in certain career experiences, I do want to make sure I write about marketing and SEO related items I learn. I figured I would start with a very basic post on the fundamentals of SEO.

Where did this deck come from?
Last spring, I created this PowerPoint on The Fundamentals of SEO.

My plan was to spread the word around my campus about a one hour training session on the fundamentals of SEO and use this deck as a basis for the session. I was going to target freshman & sophomores taking business courses and try to encourage them that understanding the basics of SEO as soon as they could was an advantageous career move. I never ended up teaching the course. However, this past week it hit me that I could make use of the deck by posting it here.