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The T-Shaped Marketer and a Personal Realization

I was conversing with a fellow marketing friend last weekend and said something to him that transformed into a realization.

I said, “One mistake I made when starting my career was that I was committed to becoming an expert in everything related to marketing. Overtime, the commitment definitely caught up to me a little bit.”

After making the confession, my friend brought up the concept of a t-shaped marketer. You know the marketer who has a wide breadth of basic knowledge but deep knowledge, experience, and expertise in a few areas?

I read about this topic in college – but for some reason – I forgot about it when I started my career.

I am thankful I found it again. The resources below explain it in greater detail:

Thankfully, I am no longer pursuing expertise in everything. I re-read the resources above before writing this, and I feel I am on the right track to becoming a solid t-shaped marketer with expertise in a few of my core passions and a basic understanding of other marketing areas. Of course, I am by no means completely there but it is gratifying to feel as though I am on the right track.