Super Bowl Edition: One Definition of Marketing

For me, the most exciting aspect of marketing is its ambiguity. I touched on this quickly in a prior post. More so than other business disciplines, the ambiguity of marketing creates an artistic aspect to it.

Not sure where I am coming from?

Try defining art. Marketing (like art) can be defined and looked at in so many different ways. When the topic of marketing comes up in a business meeting, sometimes we need the conversation brought back to something simple—more relatable. If not, it is too easy to lose some of the people in the room.

You could have an idea you are pitching someone, but if the audience can’t make connections they’ll go without understanding you. (I’ve been telling @lizkel1 about SEO for almost two years now and she still doesn’t know what it is! That’s my fault. I have not explained it in way that relates to her)

Marketing is hard, we’ve heard people say that time and time again. But it needs to be embraced. At times, I tried fighting against its difficulty. Yet I’ve realized I am better off embracing its difficulty to gear up for the career of a lifetime.

The Definition

I wanted to put my own definition of marketing on the web, one that will be my roadmap for (hopefully) the next 50+ years. That definition is:

Consistently doing well thought out things to attract the attention of your identified target market.

Perhaps before we tackle the execution of a marketing strategy or even before we begin creating one, everyone involved comes to an understanding on the definition of marketing. It will serve as a reminder for everyone working toward the common goal that this is what we believe, follow and are trying to accomplish.

I just described the ambiguity of marketing—how it can become abstract—but I also believe it has a science to it. I will make a note to describe that in a later post.