Starting This Off With What and Who Inspired Me To Begin

I was scanning my Twitter feed before walking into work when a post titled Writing It Down by Fred Wilson caught my eye.

As someone who has tried blogging a few times before, the ensuing topic stuck with me. Fred explains how writing helped develop his VC career:

“I told her that I toiled in the VC business for close to twenty years before I hit my stride and the reason I found my stride was my adoption of blogging.”

Graduating last May, I believe I am extremely fortunate to be working for a search marketing agency. I work with clients large and small, helping them drive strategy and connect with their target audiences. Also – as an entry level marketer- I am responsible for much of the tactical side as well.

Aware of how fortunate I am to have this eclectic career experience in my first job, Fred inspired me with his post that day in September to start “writing it down.”

I’ve tried blogging a few times now but the platform never felt like home. This time around I wanted something I was excited to look at, so I got some help with creating the header you see above. It finally feels more comfortable, and I am exciting to commit to “writing it down.”