One of my favorite parts to SEO is monitoring and understanding the SERPS for the keywords I own. I enjoy checking both desktop and mobile SERPs on a re-occurring basis for new features and layouts.

We know the ten blue link format is long gone. Google’s testing and launching many different new features and it will likely continue to do this. These features could result in traffic swings (in either direction). Getting out ahead of these swings means monitoring them with a close eye so that when something launches you can communicate with clients and teammates. Changes to existing features like knowledge graph, carousel PLAs, AMP results and local packs are ones to look out for, but keep a keen eye on new layouts too.

Rank tracking is helpful but spot checking here and there on both desktop and mobile is something I enjoy adding to my routine. Included a couple newer ones I’ve seen below (shout out to @rtbenavides for the first example).

Example 1: Image Carousel w/ Organic Listings in Mobile Results


Here it is again for search ‘wedding bands’



Example 2: Review Carousel in Mobile SERPs for Research Driven Purchases 

This was towards the bottom of the SERP.