What is an SEO Hero?

Have you heard of the SEO Hero Challenge? Wix is giving $50,000 to the website who ranks number one in Google for the search SEO Hero at the end of the challenge.

A fellow SEO teammate at Wayfair, Brian Wood, is throwing his hat in the ring on this contest – except he put his own clever spin on it.

If he wins, he will donate the $50,000 to Worldbuilders. Worldbuilders is a nonprofit who raises money and puts it where it does the most good. In the past they have:

  • brought livestock to poverty stricken areas and educated them on sustainable agriculture.
  • provided food to those suffering from natural disasters.
  • encouraged literacy by donating books to educators and schools.

This is a cause we should all get behind. You can help by linking to the website below from your site. If you don’t have one, let your peeps know via any of the social channels that you are on.

What is an SEO Hero? 

I am going to use the rest of this post to write about what makes an SEO Hero, as I have been fortunate to work with a few over the years. While we often aren’t saving people from burning buildings or treating life-threatening illnesses, I believe there is plenty opportunities to do lots of good if your trade is SEO.

When you work in SEO, you work with lots of people whether it be clients, teammates, other departments, bosses, vendors, etc. As a result, a true SEO hero will leave a lasting positive impact on those she works with.

A SEO hero has a complete understanding of search engine algorithms, mainly Google’s. Google is updating it a lot throughout the year and publishing patents, so someone who knows the algorithm inside and out is curious enough to want to understand it. Once she has a working expertise of the algorithm she naturally does the following:

  • builds business cases for SEO things
  • clearly communicates strategies, processes, and results to others

Once she does that a bunch, it is time to give your knowledge away. A true SEO hero will give her valuable time away by teaching and mentoring others, while maintaining her current responsibilities of building business cases, communicating with others, and doing the work itself.

Let’s face it, SEO can be a tough industry to get started in because there are a lot of conflicting view points and misleading information. If you are at it alone, you don’t always know who to believe. An SEO hero is some you can.

An SEO hero can also make something out of nothing, which in my opinion is extremely heroic. With no fancy budget, extravagant resources, or human capital, an SEO hero can make something. Throughout the process, she has poise. Sometimes SEO takes time. As humans, we get impatient. An SEO hero overpowers impatience with poise to stay calm.

Don’t forget, a hero isn’t born overnight; it is a long journey to become someone of that caliber. If you are on the journey, find a way to fall in love with the process.