Career, Marketing, SEO

5-Year SEO Review

I was at the end of my junior year of undergrad in April 2012. Two completed internships left me committed to a career in marketing; one was in product marketing and was one in market research. I hadn’t heard anything…

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Marketing, MBA

Types of Marketing Problems

The very first class of Marketing Management, the professor emphasized every business case we read boils down to some basic marketing problems: Market Opportunity Market Threat Performance Gap My mind started going to some of the marketing problems I have…

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Career, MBA

First IPod Reveal 

I recently watched the first IPod reveal from October 2001. It’s crazy to think the first iPod launched 16 years ago. So much has gone on in tech space since then for both hardware and software. Regardless, I watched it…

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CrossFit, Life

Hitting Goals

I had this happen to me for a third time, so I wanted to share the realization here. Most of us set goals for ourselves to hit or we pursue different skills we want to work on. If you aren’t…

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