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Leadership Tactics to Start Right Now

Leadership is something we can always work on. And we don’t need to be in management position to work on it. Effective teams have leaders leading at all levels. I included a few tactics I have come across recently in books, videos, or quotes.

Front load your time and praise early when working with someone new. This idea comes from a book called, The New One Minute Manager (shout out to the guys at Seeking Wisdom for the recommendation). The book has a few other tips, but I lumped these two tactics together. When you first start out working with someone whether they’re under you or not, spend more hands on time in the beginning with them. If you see something they’re doing well, tell them! It reinforces the good behavior.

Presence is the key to charisma. Charisma comes up a lot if you ask others about effective leaders. If you feel like you want more charisma, I recommend not to focus on charisma but presence. It comes from the book, The Charisma Myth. A few ways to practice presence are listen, eye contact, or asking questions.

Practice positive thinking. Tom Brady has mastered this well. The quote below comes from his new book.

“I make the choice to remain positive. That is something within my control. I don’t like to focus on negatives or make excuses. I am never a victim. I gain nothing if I get angry or frustrated. You can make life a lot harder for yourself by focusing on negative things…or making excuses for why things didn’t go your way.” 

After what he did last Sunday against the Texans, it really reminded me – a negative minded quarterback probably would have missed the opportunity he grasped.

Our bodies change our minds. This is from my favorite Ted Talk ever by Amy Cuddy. Rather than summarize it, I’ll leave the link for you here.

The last thing to remember is we don’t need special roles or titles to lead. Anybody can apply these leadership tactics to their day to day whether you’ve been working for many years or you’re just starting out.