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Hitting Goals

I had this happen to me for a third time, so I wanted to share the realization here. Most of us set goals for ourselves to hit or we pursue different skills we want to work on. If you aren’t down with goals, that is also okay too. You might just have something your working on personally that you want to be good.

Anyway, once I decide on a goal, I put my head down and try to get to it. I do everything I can in my power to hit that goal.

For CrossFit, I am super committed to perfect movement patterns. That is I want each excercise to be done correctly. I wrote that down here in August 2014. This week I was in the gym when someone acknowledged my movement patterns. He said something like, “I’ve never seen Brendan not move perfectly just to go faster.”

I was so pumped that my commitment to perfect quality movement was noticed. I was heads down and a bit hard on myself it took someone saying it to realize I made it.