Kevin Garnett: The Big Ticket Retires

In 2007, Kevin Garnett signed with the Boston Celtics. I was not in the locker room of course, but I am willing to guarantee he brought passion, intensity, and a greater degree of respect to the team culture. He instilled deeply rooted values into the program, and it only took a season. Most leaders spend decades building a culture.


I loved watching his pre and post game interviews. I remember Garnett called Rondo Shawty and was never hesitant to get on him for acting out. The way he prioritized defense-first in an era of slam dunks, three pointers, and pretty fade aways showed his desire to do the opposite from the majority. During Celtics games, I often picked him and his long legs amongst the crowded court sprinting back on defense.  Also, in 2004 while contending with some of the best to ever play (Kobe, Shaq, AI, Tim Duncan), Garnett was the league MVP. The league MVP! The NBA has seen better players than him and will continue to but it will not see a character like KG.


So grateful I got to witness his Celtics career. I strive to bring the passion and purpose he brought to basketball to my family, work, and social life.


Here’s to an inspiring career, KG. Oh yeah, let’s get coffee soon!