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First IPod Reveal 

I recently watched the first IPod reveal from October 2001. It’s crazy to think the first iPod launched 16 years ago. So much has gone on in tech space since then for both hardware and software. Regardless, I watched it within the context of a public speaking course at school, so that’s why I decided to share it here.

I don’t have a ton to say about the delivery. His style seemed to work well for him. What I really liked was the structure or flow of the presentation. Noticed when the word IPod gets thrown out or when he physically shows it to us? He built up the IPod idea in an effective way by waiting to say IPod or showing anything.

In the build up he broke things down. He broke down the current inconvenient options in the marketplace and broke down what IPod accomplishes.

He also had some short sentences. Short sentences are easy for the audience to retain. They can make a speech more memorable. Following his first mention of IPod, Jobs said, “iMac, iBook, IPod.” This instantly ties the product lines together. Another sticky phrase was, “fits in your pocket.” Of course that’s expected now but back in 2001, it was ground breaking. Enjoy the video; let me know if you liked something I missed too.