Dogs: Past and Present

Toastmasters‘ speech #5 is about dogs! Check it out!

Does anyone have a pet? How about a dog? Dogs are all over my social feeds. I follow @dogsbeingbasic, @thedogist, and @worldoflabs. My best friend has a pit-bull that I get to take care of when he goes away. His name is Blu. But I still do not have a dog myself.

I am going to talk about my childhood experience with a dog, why I want one today, and why I am a little scared.

When I was 7-years-old, we got a black lab named Jake. Jake was about a year old. He was a full grown huge black lab, but he still had the puppy spirit in him. Jake didn’t last long with us.

I am sure everyone can relate to the childhood stuffed animal they carried everywhere and slept with. Mine was a bear that didn’t live past 7-years-old (in my years), because Jake got hold of him one day and chewed him up. I got home to my teddy bear in a plastic box in a few hundred pieces.

My mom and I got home one day and pulled into the driveway. We could see into the kitchen through the window. Right on the other side of the window was the kitchen table. When we pulled in, we could see Jake sitting on the kitchen table! Then we walked into the house to find dog poop all over the kitchen (by the fridge, by the table, by the desk, everywhere!).

My sister Rebecca took him for a walk and 30 minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Rebecca holding his leash and a state police officer holding Jake by the collar.

We ended up giving Jake away.

Now that you know about my history, I can tell you why I want a dog today:

  • Redemption of course. I want to raise a dog and train him so that he/she is the opposite of Jake – well trained and friendly. Maybe he still loves donuts but he won’t poop out his donuts on the kitchen floor!
  • I want someone for Lizzie and I to hang with. Watching TV and hanging out with a dog seems really fun. We could also take him on errands with us.
  • Also, Lizzie really wants a dog, so of course I am down with something that will make her happy.

But how will I ever know I am ready? I am still hesitant.

  • I am scared of the time commitment. I get to focus a lot on work, going to the gym, and socializing when I want. When I want to do those things, I can without much thought. A dog would change that freedom a bit.
  • I am a little scared of the money. We would adopt so the cost of the dog might be more manageable, but the ongoing costs: food, doctor visits, dog walkers or day care. It might eat away at money I am trying to save.
  • I am also just a little scared, we’ll get another Jake. No matter what you teach him, he will also find a way to ruin something!

As of now we are looking for a chocolate lab to adopt on Lucky Lab, but of course still pondering the final decision!