Why Getting the CrossFit Muscle Up Helps Improve Life Outside the Gym

Just under three years into CrossFit, I hit a major milestone this weekend by completing unbroken muscle ups. The muscle up is one of the more elite CrossFit movements that cannot be completed without constant practice.

I wanted to outline a few quick ways the muscle up accomplishment helps improve life outside the gym as well:

  1. The accomplishment made my day. Before this, I had watched athletes perform muscle ups either on video or at the gym; however, I was unable to get them myself. Now that I finally did, my day was extremely fulfilling. While the feeling can’t last forever, I knew it was important to enjoy for the day.
  2. Progress is rewarding. Having something to work at constantly, helped me make progress along the way. As progress occurred, a rewarding feeling came over me. When I finally hit the last step this weekend, the rewarding feeling exploded.
  3. The challenge extends beyond the gym. As far as I am concerned, getting those muscle ups was the most challenging part of the week ahead. That mindset will help me approach other challenges this week head on.