College Essay: The Nightmare Jog

I decided to pull out my college essay. I wrote this back in the fall of 2008. I remembered the topic was a run I ended up joining my friend (Chris), on  and I wanted to re-live the moment a little bit. I thought it would be fun to drop it here:

Enter: The Nightmare Jog

One summer day, in mid- July, I decided to go for a run. Because it was about noon time, the sun was beating down on my head; causing sweat to instantly trickle down my face in my first couple strides. At the beginning of my jog, I spotted my friend Chris about one-hundred yards ahead, and I knew he was just starting his run because we were very close to his house. Chris is known for running long distances everyday. I caught up to him as quickly as I could and since he did not know I was even behind him I trotted up next to him trying to be funny. He then smiled back at me and said, “You wanna come on a real run?” I thought about it for a second. I took under consideration the difficulties in this journey, but in the end I had accepted the offer, because I came to the conclusions that “it would not be that hard.” Not only was it hard, it was grueling.

We hit the first hill, and I pushed to get up it. Once we got up it Chris had gained around thirty yards on me. My shirt now completely saturated, it began to weigh me down making it harder to jog. Then he gained more on me and was now about sixty yards ahead. I worked hard to make that a constant distance between us, but as we were approaching another big hill, a pain started up my stomach and went as high as my neck. I knew I had to stop. Chris and I had an agreement on where the finishing spot was, just in case this happened. As I came to a stop I realized how parched my throat was. I was gasping for every breathe I took. Coincidently, on the opposite side of the road was a sprinkler park where parents often brought there children so I went to wet my face and relieve pain in my stomach. While there, I decided to go back the other way; it was much shorter back where I was meeting Chris and less hilly. But once I left the park I changed my mind, staying on Chris’ route and heading for another big hill. I said I would run the route so I wanted to stick to my word.

I huffed and puffed up a couple more hills and was practically running at walking pace, but I reached the finishing point. Even though Chris was not with me throughout my run, he inspired me. For the little time I was running next to him, I saw his ability to push himself, in order to reach his full potential. Inspiration is a great motivator to succeed and it is evident that I can be inspired. I can also look to inspire my peers around me as I have seen what it takes to be an inspiration. This nightmare jog also discovered my perseverance. No matter how bad I wanted to turn around and take the easy way out, I did not. At Skidmore College, when I am faced with something that is not all that easy for me, I will persevere through it; just as I did during the nightmare jog. The nightmare jog brought out the best of my attributes that will set me up to succeed at Skidmore College.