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Character Traits from Sports

I played competitive ice hockey through college. I admit I don’t play much anymore, and I rarely watch the NHL on TV. I’m working on overcoming some jealousy of the professional sports lifestyle. Pro atheletes get paid to do something active they’ve done since childhood. Also, the preparation and planning that goes into each game where you then pour your heart out for 2-3 hours is something I find tough to replicate that in the same way. Then the off-season is a time you rewind and recharge.

Marketing careers are much different. They are active on the mind but not much physically. I am not sure there is anything that stimulates a game like atmosphere and the owness is on you to rewind and recharge. There’s technically no real off season.

Despite the differences, I love what hockey helped me become. I find character traits I i got from hockey extremely helpful for my personal and professional life. I have two to share with you today; I try applying these on a daily basis and believe others could benefit from it too:

Team player: personal success and accolades aren’t as important as team success and growth. Even if you are responsible for something you didn’t get credit for, that’s okay. Down the road, it pays off – though it is definitely hard to let something like that go in the moment. The team is better off and that’s what a team player cares about.

Coachability: coachabilty is one’s ability to listen to instruction and feedback and apply it to what you are getting coached on. It helps you improve on something faster than if you were trying do something alone. You might be able to get somewhere on your own, but you only go so far. Even the best in the world at what they do need coaching. @Gigcfo surrounded me with hockey coaches and tutors at an early age so I started getting coached early. I saw firsthand the more I listened and applied the feedback the coach gave, the better I became.

Anything you learned from sports you find helpful? Let me know!