Blogging it Forward

I just participated in Wayfair’s challenge to Blog it Forward. The challenge is to complete one good deed, write about it, and ask a few other fellow bloggers to do the same. In return, Wayfair donates $50 to Habitat for Humanity for every documented good deed.


I try to hold myself to random acts of kindness whenever I can. One of my favorite forms of this is to randomly deliver food to one person who needs it. Before I moved out of Philly, I remember walking into a convenient store. Just as I opened the door, I heard someone to the right of me:

“Hey, you have any spare change.”

“No I don’t but what would you like to eat in there?” I asked

He replied, “A snickers and an iced tea.”

I went into the store excited to pick out these items for my new friend. I got to the refrigerator where the iced teas were, and something came over me. I wanted to give more than just one. I grabbed three iced teas. The same thing happened in the candy isle. Rather than one snicker, I went with five. After paying, I went out excited to deliver this bag of snacks.

When I told him what I got, he jumped up with excitement and took a look inside the bag.

He shouted, “Thank you! I do not have to stay here anymore.” I watched him dash off with new found energy.

I stood there feeling happy. Happy that I could have that much of an impact on someone’s day.

When I was challenged by Wayfair to Blog it Forward, I knew I wanted to do something similar to this.

I left a meeting at work, headed down the stairs, and out the door trying to find someone similar to the friend I had made in Philly. I was on the lookout for someone quietly asking for money where I could surprise them with some extra food – more food than he or she might expect. No one jumped out at me on my way out the door.

I did see four gentlemen talking amongst themselves. I thought to myself, I could get them each a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. For a second, I shrugged the idea off. I think because I was looking for one person and I saw four, I was turned off.

As I started crossing the street toward Dunkin’ Dounts, I changed my mind. Four gift cards is a perfect idea!

I bought four gift cards and delivered them to the four guys I saw right outside the entrance to my building. They did not jump for joy like my Philly friend, but they did kindly accept the cards I bought for them. I walked away happy to have helped a few extra people who needed it.

I am challenging two old colleagues of mine to Blog it Forward:

  • Scott Taft –  We very briefly overlapped together at Seer. In that short time, I was impressed by his kindness and approachability. Scott, I challenge you to Blog it Forward!
  • Kristen Vaughn – I worked with Kristen at KoMarketing. She is one of the most helpful people I have known. Kristen, I also challenge you to Blog it Forward!