3 People I’d Grab Coffee With

I have always been easily inspired by others and their approach to the profession they pursue. I remember toward the end of high school, I took a very strong interest in listening to interviews on TV or on podcasts because I liked listening to others and learning about them.

Here are 3 professionals I would love to grab a coffee with to learn a little but more about their approach to life:

Kevin Garnett: He is the most passionate person I can think of. I admire the passion he brings to the game of basketball while never sounding arrogant, disrespectful, or cocky. He brought his passion and did not care what anyone else thought of him.

Tom Brady: I think it is pretty cool how Tom carries himself in all situations. If he losing with time on the clock he never looks defeated. He looks optimistic. He also brings a level of charisma and professionalism off the field that I find pretty interesting.

Pharrell: I admire his creativity and his appreciation for self-expression. I see a bit of those things when he mentors people on The Voice.