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Who and Why

In April 2016, I jotted down some notes on who I am and why I do what I do – not knowing the words would have the impact on me they do today. Today, I look at them after a…

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Career, Life

The Mentor Leader 

Last week, I finished @TonyDungy’s book, The Mentor Leader. I am a Coach Dungy fan mainly for his character, and I like the topic. When the principle at the school I volunteer at brought this book up, I decided to…

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Marketing, MBA

Ads and Stadiums

I’ve attend two sports stadiums in the last month. I went to MetLife Staduim for a NY Giants game then the Garden for a Bruins game. Entering these reminded me of a point @MarkStatonPHD made when I had him for…

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The Hard Hat

I saw @explorionary’s tweet about the Philadelphia Flyers Rick Flair robe. They give out the jacket to one person after every game. I do not know exactly what they do, but I bet they have the winner from the game…

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Career, Marketing, SEO

5-Year SEO Review

I was at the end of my junior year of undergrad in April 2012. Two completed internships left me committed to a career in marketing; one was in product marketing and was one in market research. I hadn’t heard anything…

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